How BigMind Catalyst Creates Value

Given the current rapid shift towards a net-centric economy the Internet has provided many organizations with the opportunity to enhance the way they interact and communicate both internally and externally. Catalyst conferencing spaces can specifically enhance the following aspects of an organization.

  • Improves company communications, project management, and coordination of daily operations.

  • Enhances group creativity.

  • Helps to integrate Internet strategy with organizational strategy and development.

  • Builds trust and strengthens relationships.

  • Promotes active listening to gain insight into issues and opportunities.

  • Fosters knowledge sharing (e.g. best practices) that will increase efficiency and innovation.

  • Facilitates the acculturation of new employees and team members.
 BigMind Catalyst Benefits and Outcomes

This section will provide you with an understanding in how BigMind Catalyst can affect certain organizational outcomes.
  • Helps align the people with the business idea

  • Creates boundaries (private team environments) for safe, supportive conversations in the organization.

  • Shared environment for virtual teams

  • Provides opportunities for the emergence of effective new leadership

  • Employees have greater community, more relevance, and more continuous participation

  • Creates a chronological history for the organization and provides a group memory

Partnering to Create A Successful BigMind Catalyst Workspace:

Steps for Implementation

BigMind Media will be present during the design and development phase of your BigMind Catalyst workspaces to ensure that the critical issues and components have been considered and implemented. These are a few of the aspects of online community that we will help you think through.

  • Comprehensive exploration of needs and opportunities

  • Provide adequate resources and support

  • Design the social and technical architecture

  • Coach leadership to confidence in the new environment.

  • Make use of feedback mechanisms and maintain clear vision of the goals and objectives.

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